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Covid_Chronicles_lo_res_thumbnail.jpgAccording to the experts, millions of us are supposed to be dead right now. Covid-19 was so terrible, so, vile, so infectious and so deadly, that we had to shut down the entire country or face possible extinction. I never quite bought into the media and government narrative, but their message was so well planned and orchestrated that most of America swallowed it hook, line and sinker.  Some of us are looking at the numbers and having second thoughts.

I don’t know about you, but I found it quite depressing to watch the greatest economy of my lifetime slowly shrivel and die on the vine. And I’m not even talking about our loss of freedom. Given the choice between prosperity and freedom, I’ll take freedom every time. But we’ve lost both in one, fell sloop.

Back on April 1st, I decided to write my next book about the Covid-19 virus. I figured, what the heck, I can’t go anywhere. I might as well do something useful while I’m grounded to my property by a government executive order. So I wrote the book 8 hours a day for 18 days and I finished it. It was quite a feat actually. I’d never written so well or so fast in my life. The book I wrote was titled “The Covid Chronicles:  Surviving the Upgrade.” I was excited about it. It was apocalyptic in nature, but still full of hope and faith in God and Family.

Every great novel always starts with a premise. What if … and then the author fills in the blank. For me it went like this.

What if Covid-19 was just the first wave of a bioweapon, and the second wave would follow several months later. The first wave, Covid-19, was benign in nature, it was highly infectious, but most people would have mild symptoms. In fact, most people who got it wouldn’t even know. Sound familiar? But here’s the twist. The second wave was the knockout punch, and anyone who contracted Covid-19 was highly susceptible to its sister virus Covid-19.1, The Upgrade.

Whether you buy the government and media narrative or think it’s blown out of proportion, this book is a great story of hope, adventure and close-knit family ties. It’s not political. It’s just a great story with interesting characters and a good storyline. So, go ahead and buy it. You might as well. Watching a movie or reading a good book is easy to do under quarantine.

The Kindle version is available on amazon, but the print version can be purchased only through whitefeatherpress.com. Here’s some more about the novel. I think it’s my best ever.

Skip Coryell has done it again, crafted a masterful storyline filled with mystery and action and the warmth and grit of real people. But, this time, Skip has added a very special treat. He has woven into the story, real life facts and tips which you and your family can use in a crisis! From pointers regarding firearms, to water purification, from ham radio to surviving nuclear fallout, you will find yourself going to survivalist school while enjoying this fast-paced thriller your whole family is sure to enjoy! Mag Jacobs is trapped 200 miles from home, struggling desperately to make it back to his family before the whole world falls apart. But will he make it back in time? And can they hold on? Mag Jacobs and his family had survived the covid-19 coronavirus that had rampaged across the globe. But lurking in the shadows was the next wave, ready to be unleashed on the planet. They were a God-fearing, close-knit family ... but could they survive this second attack? Would their faith in God and love for each other be enough to carry them through?

Go to White Feather Press to order!

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