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This week on The Home Defense Show Skip speaks with firearms expert and trainer, Gabe Suarez, of Suarez International. Let's face it, many concealed carriers don't even know what a compensator is, much less how they work or why they should have one on their pistol. Recoil is the sworn enemy of precision shooting, and Gabe explains how a good compensator can make you a better shot. We also discuss appendix carry and various Inside the Waistband holsters.

In this training video Skip takes you to Centershot Indoor Gun Range and demonstrates how to practice unsighted fire. He shoots 10 rounds in under 2 seconds with deadly accuracy. He also stresses the importance of the SIRT training gun for unsighted practice. And as a bonus, 10-year-old Phoenix Coryell goes zombie hunting in the Coryell swamp.

This week on the Home Defense Show, Skip shows you how to shoot with precision inside the head box, then they move the target out to 75 feet for torso shooting. And to cap it off, 10-year-old Phoenix makes 10 out of 10 head shots.

This week on The Home Defense Show Skip speaks with Rob Wynsma from the Barry County Sheriff's Auxiliary about a special training opportunity for church safety teams. If you have a church safety team and need more training, this is a don't-miss event. If you are thinking about forming a team at your church, then this is an excellent place to start.


For more info, go to: https://www.facebook.com/events/512490422877494/

This week Skip speaks with author and host of Armed American Radio, Mark Walters. Mark gives his take on how bad it's likely to get in Virginia. Will there be a civil war there? Will they lose all their Second Amendment rights, and, how long will it be until it happens in your state? Or, can the gun grabbers be stopped?

This week on The Home Defense Show Skip speaks with Joel Fulton, Firearms Instructor and co-owner of Freedom Firearms in Battle Creek. Skip and Joel analyze the attempted mass murder at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas, where 3 people were killed in less than 6 seconds. Special attention is given to 71-year-old Jack Wilson who stopped the killer with a long-range, moving head shot. What did they do right, and how can you improve on their performance? You'll likely only get one gun fight in your entire life. You might as well win it. After all, there is no second place in a gun fight.

Additional info:

14-minute interview with Jack Wilson

Barry County Church Safety Training Opportunity

This week on The Home Defense Show Skip discusses Title 39 of the Code of Federal Regulations which makes it illegal to possess a firearm in the Post Office. But it goes beyond that. Some of you are already breaking federal law and you don't even know it. Watch this video and get informed before you end up in prison.

This week on The Home Defense Show, Skip discusses how dogs can be a real asset in the protection of your home and family. but there are limitations and qualifiers. Watch this video and find out if a dog can enhance your own home's defense plan.

Certainly many people buy the wrong gun the first time around, and it's a very expensive mistake. But it can be avoided. This week on the Home Defense Show, Skip talks about how recoil affects the way you shoot, and offers some tips on how to manage the recoil. If you shoot low, this is a must-see video for you.

In this video Skip needs a turkey for Thanksgiving. But instead of going to the store, his son, Cedar, walks into the 20-acre woods and shoots his very first turkey with a Ruger American Rifle chambered in 350 Legend. Will he get ample penetration? And what will it do to the turkey? watch this Happy Thanksgiving video to find out. It's worth the 5 minutes.

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