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This week on The Home Defense Show Skip reviews the movie "John Wick" played by Keanu Reeves. I've been told by many people that this movie is good training for pistol combat and tactics. I give my opinion of the movie in segment 2, and also interview the fictional character John Wick in segment 3. In segment 4 Cedar Coryell tells the story of his first combat kill as he protects his chicken coop from giant, mutant, prehistoric junkie possums and raccoons.

This week on the Home Defense Show Skip speaks with attorney Terry Johnson about how red flag laws are sweeping the country and how you, as the average law-abiding gun owner, can protect yourself against government over reach and unfair prosecution. If you don't want your guns wrongly confiscated, then this is the show to listen to. They also discuss the Law Enforcement Officer Safety  Act and how it works. Find out whether or not you can carry your gun in all 50 states. (Production Note: I apologize for the less-than-perfect audio quality. I had some SW glitches and in a few places it sounds like Terry and I are talking over one another. That will be fixed in time for next week's podcast.)

This week on The Home Defense Show Skip Coryell undergoes a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he's been polluted by west coast ideology, prior to returning home to Michigan. Then he discusses a new program for veterans by the National Shooting Sports Foundation designed to reduce military veteran suicide rate with his friend and RKBA warrior, Joel Fulton.

This week on The Home Defense Show Skip travels to Oregon all the way to the Pacific Coast. There he interviews NRA Instructor and Oregon native, John Parsons, all about what it's like to carry concealed or open on the west coast. They compare Oregon concealed carry laws to Michigan, the stormy politics of Oregon, as well as how a Michigan resident can legally possess a gun on the west coast.

This week on The Home Defense Show Skip speaks with retired police officer Daniel King about the 21 seconds on duty that changed his life and ended his career. Officer King was shot twice with a 12 gauge semi-automatic shotgun at close range and lived to tell about it. Hear all the details of this harrowing experience, how he survived as well as how you can incorporate what he learned into your own personal defense training.

This week on the Home Defense Show Skip speaks with his father and gets his take on the importance of fathers in family defense. Then Skip talks about the history of Father's Day and also gets a special perspective on fathers from his kids.This is an unusual episode.

This week on The Home Defense Show Skip speaks with Salvatore DeGennaro form Northern Virginia and USAcarry.com all about home defense, specifically one of the weakest points in your house - your front door. Listen to Sal's experience and good sense and learn how to protect this vital weakness in your home defense system. As an added bonus, Skip shares good advice on how to protect your family against Dobby the House Elf. I don't trust that creature!

This week on The Home Defense Show Skip speaks with Mark Walters, the host of Armed American Radio, all about the growing scandal inside the National Rifle Association. Did Wayne Lapierre really spend over half a million dollars of your money on suits and travel? Mark gives us the straight scoop as well as tells us what we can do to restore the NRA to its former strength, greatness and integrity. If you believe as I do that America needs a strong NRA, you must hear this show!


This week on The Home Defense Show, Skip speaks with Rick Ector as he tells the story of how his team of all volunteers trained 814 Detroit women on the safe use of firearms - in one day! Rick has been doing this event once a year for years with no sign of letting up. Listen to this fantastic story!

This week on The Home Defense Show, Skip speaks with none other than "The Terminator". No, Not Arnold Schwarzenegger, but Brian Anderson, AKA, The Tick Terminator, from Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Here's a man who has devoted his life to terminating Ticks in all their vile and nasty forms. This show is funny and educational. Protect your family from ticks and Lyme Disease!

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